We have worked with Rush Travel has put together a Rush Exclusive Hawaii Vacation Package in conjunction with the Hawaii College Exposure Camp. Hawaii vacation for you, and a Soccer Camp for your son/daughter!

Average Cost: $4,595.00.

What does this include?

Round Trip Flight for 3 people

Hotel for 5 nights

Cost of College Exposure Camp for your son/daughter

Room and Board for your son/daughter

The total cost will depend on what airport you will fly out of. We looked at 10 airports to come up with the average cost. This is a per person Cost.

Over Flight average per person$1,115.00


Fill out the form below if you are interested in the Hawaii Soccer Vacation. Rush Travel will see what airport everyone is flying out of. For a bulk discount we will need 10 flights out of an airport. Once we see how many people are interested and where you will be flying out of we will be able to lock in a price. BUT, for flights we can only lock in a price for 2 weeks. Once the 2nd email goes out with final prices, you will have 2 weeks to book.

The below form is NOT locking you into anything. All we are doing right now is seeing where you would be flying out of so Rush Travel can get the best deal for us.


Contact Josh Tyler: Camps@rushsoccer.com | 636-220-5988